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EXIT project - Son Cherished Most
в серии  Tunguska Constellation (серия сольных релизов)

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Релиз интернациональный, поэтому дальше не на нашем:

  • Released: Oct 15, 2013

Tunguska Constellation: EXIT project - Son Cherished Most

In the bustle of days time flies by swiftly. Surrounded by a plethora of things, we occupy ourselves in various ways, rush to implement our plans telling ourselves that this is exactly what will make us happy. But the thought of finiteness and decay, if we dare to accept they are inevitable and at times sudden urges to seek for the firmer grounds, raise the ultimate questions, touch the limits of our perception of the world and of ourselves…

Taking into account the diversity of religious views, still it seems that the vast majority of the world’s religions tell us: «Hey, wake up, you are something different and bigger than what you habitually think of yourself, something that transcends the boundaries of birth, life and death. Experience it, establish yourself in it, and you will become ultimately satisfied and happy.»
The thought of awakening is in the foundation of this album. We tried to avoid any particular religion association in order to outline the universal nature of this ultimate human potential. We merely aimed to raise the question, as the answer can only come out of one’s own individual pursuit.
released 15 October 2013
Catalog#: TUNC 002
Oleg Smirnov – guitars, basses, keys&synths, samples, arrangement & production
Kirill Parenchuk – soprano sax, tabla, acoustic drums on (2),(4),(8), percussion, samples
Vocals on (5) – Kathrine Zinich
Solo Synth on (4) – Roman “Ro-mix” Smirnov
Trombone on (7) – Ramil Shamsutdinov
(2),(8) — Oleg Smirnov and Kirill Parenchuk
(1),(4),(5),(6),(7) — Oleg Smirnov
(3) — Kirill Parenchuk
Produced by: Oleg Smirnov
Visuals: Mikhail Vasilyev
Texts editor: Feodor Sinelnikov
Video production: Jenya Lucenko, Aslan Zavrumov
Photography: Keith Zet, Kirill Polonsky, Oleg Smirnov, Ian Parker,
Web-producer: Oleg Somin
Management: Valery Mifodovsky
Recorded: 2008-2012 at Mars studio, Moscow, Russia
Mikhail Vasilyev, Feodor Sinelnikov, Valery Mifodovsky, Nikita Filippov, Vladimir “BiG” Glushko, Maria Logofet, Oleg Mariakhin, John Kukaryamba, Nikolay Rubanov, Keith Zet, Tristra Yeager, Zhenya Lucenko, Aslan Zavrumov, MoVoX, Irina Vokhmyanina, Olga Levina, Kirill Polonsky, Dmitry Ostroglyadov, Nail Gareev, Roman Goidin, Oleg Somin, Sofia Terekhova, Pasha Czech, Dmitri Zaitsev, Oleg Kovriga.

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